Hi amiga!

My name is Michelle Diaz

I am a luxury dating coach who specializes in personal development and femininity for women
My interest in these areas began during my childhood, as I observed my parents' exceptionally loving and healthy relationship. I was inspired to cultivate similar dynamics in my own relationships and to become a high-value woman capable of attracting high-value men. This prompted me to further my knowledge in the field of effective methods for building lasting and loving relationships.
I will be sharing these teachings with you through The Dream Girl University

The goal I have FOR YOU

-Envision your ideal life and mindset, and adopt a winning attitude.

-Identify your weaknesses and follow a personal development plan to improve yourself, boosting your confidence, happiness, and ability to attract like-minded individuals.

-Design a lifestyle and daily routine that fosters personal growth and joy.

-Protect the life you have worked hard to build by establishing clear boundaries and standards, ensuring that others do not disrupt your progress.

-As a high-value woman, you deserve a high-value man who is committed to becoming his best self, just like you.

-Recognize the qualities that relationship-minded, high-value men seek in a partner who they wish to love and pamper.


Become a dream girl for YOU...attracting a dream man is just the cherry on top

What makes becoming a dream girl worth it?

Its worth it because you deserve to experience the beauty of life, feel confident and proud of how you look, who you are and how you live your life.

By being your dream girl, you become the best version of yourself, radiating positivity and inspiring others around you. This translates into being the best daughter, mother, sister, friend, and wife you can be as well as attracting men that are just as committed to be the best version of themselves, just like you.

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Our Testimonials

"Ever since I started
following Michelle on social media my
life has changed completely. I love
her advice and thanks to her my
perspective in femininity and
relationships have changed
completely. she is so beautiful and
has an amazing mind, 
please don't stop creating the
content that you do! you have given
me sooo much inspiration and
motivation, thank you thank you!!"


"I'm finally in my spoiled gf era. Took
your advice on not following men
who don't give you any sign that
they are interested and focused on
myself. I also dump or stoped
talking to men that didn't reach my
standards, I wasn't going to
wait in no one to change but get
someone who already has the
qualities I was looking for. Which
lead my current boyfriend who
treats me like a Queen and loves me" 

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Personal development plan

Important subjects that will help you level up in life 

Improve time management
Manage stress
Resolve conflict
Develop a learning habit
Develop emotional intelligence
Develop confidence
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